Organisational Development

We are an organizational development and solution-driven partner that harnesses the action learning approach to initiate change and sustain growth by designing the appropriate structures and supporting culture for the success of our partners. We build the framework necessary for optimizing the successful management of people, processes, systems and the external context for sustainable enterprises.

Enterprise Assurance

As independent reviewers, we assess the risk profiles and mitigation pathways of our partners. We review operations and certify its performance in light of best practice. We guarantee a roadmap that will build resilience and profitability for our partners.

Knowledge Capital and Skill Development

We analyze the skill sets necessary for the success of our partners and help them grow towards their best selves. We management the competency requirement and train partners to gain the necessary skills relevant for their success and growth.

Financial Planning and Fund Raising

We organize our partners’ business to attract investments. We prepare clients for fundraising trips and provide due diligence services to our investing partners. We make the necessary introduction between entrepreneurs and financiers and manage their relationships in the light of building sustainable enterprises.

Product Development, Idea Incubation and Accelerator programs

We work with our partners in developing the next generation products and services in their markets. Our strategy sessions with our partners bring clarity to their products and ideas. We help with prototype development and market testing, monitoring and reviews. We work with partners with product partnerships and launch.

Research and Publication Consultants

We work with writers and researchers in the publication of their works. We treasure knowledge and partner to make verifiable and replicable wisdom available to different markets and partners.

Social Change and Policy Think Tank

We work at the total liberation of the African. We contribute to social policy and pursue positive change in all facets of the African.

Leadership Coaching and Mentorship

We work with individuals and enterprises in building a plan towards influence. We design programs that help our partners become influential and persuasive. Our Leadership and Communication community program is our most enduring product.

Partnership and Community Building

We build clubs and communities in institutions and work with our partners in enhancing Africa’s transformation agenda.

Evangelistic and Apologetics Ministry

Our foundation ‘Eagles’ Wing’ specializes in faith communication and character building among the youth and educated middle to upper class.