E. Baboa Opoku

Lecturer (Law of Torts, Ghana Legal System)
Central University

I invited Samuel to speak with my students at the Central University Faculty of Law shortly after the launch of his second book – Be the Difference.

He delivered an authentic vote on the subject of mastery and excellence in the pursuit of success. His passion shone through as he spoke to the students, weaving the quite complex legal concepts of Jurisprudence and Torts on the loom of life- learning principles to underscore a rather poignant patchwork of art. Samuel has truly honed his skill into something of a refined and marketable talent as a public speaker. He is worth hearing.

Mr. Steve Williams, Review of ‘Fate of System Thinking

Seasoned Banker and Managing Partner, The Treasury Warehouse Company Limited

The Writer has shared his personal experiences as a Risk Practitioner who worked with two (2) of the collapsed banks in this book. In addition, he managed to obtained the personal views and lessons learnt from very key actors who managed two (2) o the banks till their licenses were revoked by the Bank of Ghana.

I believe this book would form the basis for a broader discussion aimed at reinforcing the Bank of Ghana’s quest to employ sound Corporate Governance practices and prudent management practices in Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions across the country.

Mr. Prince Kofi Amoabeng, Foreword of ‘Fate of System Thinking

Former Managing Director, UT Bank

The Writer is uniquely positioned to give true and fair accounts and analyses of the causes of the collapse of UT Bank and Capital Bank. He worked first at UT Bank and later at Capital Bank. He is also widely read and takes the reader through numerous case studies to elucidate his presentation.

I first met him at UT Bank soon after he resumed duty as a fresh graduate after national service. I noticed him among the other staff because he was bright eyed and had an intense look and came across as someone who is anxious to learn and understand. I took a liking to him and decided to follow his development at the company. He was one of the young staff who were selected as the future leaders and who had special talents to be nurtured.

This book takes critical analyses of the vision, mission, process and products of UT Bank over its life span. It gives the reader, by and large, the fundamental flaws and the risk management processes and an account of what should have been avoided to sustain the bank.

Albert and Comfort Ocran, Foreword of ‘Be the Difference

Ministers, Authors and Executive Coaches

In this his second book, ‘Be the Difference, the author has used the familiar to explore the unfamiliar. He has taken a role model many look up to and used his close association to observe and distill the truths that undergird the life of not just James Ebo Whyte but probably several other notable Africans who have defied the continent’s challenges and gone on to do great things.

A solid grasp of the principles shared in this book will transform your life and career and position you to become another African icon worth celebrating and emulating. We wholly and unreservedly recommend this book, ‘Be the Difference’ by Yaw Sompa and prayerfully expect it to be a hugely successful publication.