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It is exactly one week since the news of Ghana, my motherland, lost its first sitting president, Prof. John Evans Atta-Mills. The news was a mixture of shock, sorrow and most definitely a hard learning curve for all of us.
Reflecting on the incidence and the many reactions since the news broke brings to mind a story I heard as I grew in my early days of my pursuit for truth and wisdom. The story has it that a man on board of a bus had just lost his wife at a hospital with his two sons. His sons were happily playing in the bus. A stranger in the bus descended heavily on the man for not been a good father and not being a responsible father, leaving his son to disturb public peace.
Not knowing the loss of the man, he in judgement treated the man who had lost his dearly beloved wife meanly. The man called his sons with tears in his eyes and calmly said to the stranger, “I am just from the hospital where I just lost my wife, I had to pick my boys from school,  they were happy, playing and joyful and thus I could not break the news to them but I guess you gave me the courage to share their loss with them. Thank you”
The story continues that, the sons became very quiet and started sobbing and weeping greatly together with their father. The stranger became all apologetic and sympathetic whiles everybody in the bus calmly watched him. The obvious question to me is, will the stranger have treated the man who had lost his wife differently if he knew of his loss?
The answer is obviously a yes! Death has a magical spell of bringing all humanity to terms with its own frailty and futility and the death of Ex-President Mills is no exception.
As a non-partisan yet a strong nationalist, I have carefully watched the social tabloids, followed the news as people share their sympathy whiles yet others express emotions and thoughts on clearly partisan lines with coloured perspectives.
It is quite amazing how gradually the politics have found its way back into the discourse, we certainly will not expect anything less though! It is still in the middles of our loss as a people do I seek to share with the nations my reflections of what history is teaching us from the life of our Late President. Herein I share my reflections on his death:
  1.  His story is one of a successful Ghanaian. A man from Ekumfi Otuam, born in Tarkwa and yet rose to the highest responsibility of the first gentleman is a story of inspiration to any Ghanaian youth for whom I speak. His story is one of a successful person, he attained all possible heights irrespective of his background. In the reflections of his death I first find inspiration!
  2. In his story I find determination. I have seen resolve more now in his death when I have been made to understand better some of the circumstances with which he led. His resolve is clearly appreciated in his fight for the presidency and he never giving up. As a sports man I know he taught the lesson of determination well enough, knowing that he truly learnt it himself. A lesson that must be echoed loud enough for Ghana to hear even in the death of one of our own who lived the truth, a lesson of Determination!
  3. In his life I find humanity. A story of a human being who have tried and fought well. A man who had his own issues and yet struggled to soar above them. You may have your own opinion but he spells our own individual stories: HUMANITY! He was human yet with an intent unquestionable, certainly a good heart.
I in the light of few words I leave recounting his stories right here. I leave his memories here knowing that there are many lessons to gleam from his life. For me, reflecting on his life teaches me a story of success, determination and humanity.
All of human life presents us with an opportunity to teach a lesson; to either proof a taught lesson, to refute an old myth or perhaps to define a new lesson. Looking at the man in question, he proved the lesson of determination, refuted human weakness and limitations and defined success as peace, meekness and a good heart although circumstances presented him the heat and politics of life.
I end this article with maybe my fondest memories of him, the days of his humour. A man contending such great challenges and going through all such responsibilities still had a place for humour. Life’s journey must be pursued with the fiercest of determination yet received in the best and lightest of hearts. This is the resounding message in history, the lesson I hear Prof. Mills’ life teach me.

I pray we may all find his life worth reflecting on, for in his life you will find a lesson of what to do or not to do which in any instance could be the greatest offering anybody could offer… A LIFE FULL OF LESSONS!

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