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Education has an amazing strength of bringing out skills, healthy character and a productive mind from the person who is been educated. The intent of a good education is not to pour into or perhaps force things inside of an empty brain but it is to guide out and to lead the student to a place of his/her natural affinity and ability. Such guidance must be carefully planned to train the total person.
The essence of a human being is not just a body. Everybody has a physical material part called the body (The brain inclusive). The training of this material part is what is referred to in this article as the training of the hand. In the body is the mind; the thoughts of the brain, the perspective, comprehensions of complexes, associations and innovation development are called mind trainings. Training a person in these two dimensions of his/her being will no doubt produce a fairly beneficial individual but there is a part of a human being that is neither his/her body nor mind and its development does not depend on hand or mind training. This is the spiritual part of a person and developing such a critical part of a human being is referred to as the heart training. Total transformation in education is only achieved when a person is engaged in hands, mind and heart to develop an experience of truth for him/herself.
 These separate parts of the human being speaks in different languages and it is the purpose of education to teach a person to understand and express his/her full individuality and purpose. We consider below how education could target and transform a whole being by leading the genius out of the hand, mind and heart.

The Heart Training: The language of the heart is Faith. As part of our assumed progressive nature we have tried to eliminate issues of faith, God, morality, from our trainings and developments as much as possible. Funny as it may be we have replaced it with an idea of self gratification and the individual as a law unto him/herself. The complexities and sensitivity around the subject of God must not make us to hide from talking about it. Theology is not only an academic discipline but a human need. Every person must be trained to verify and know the truth about origins, purpose, character and the existence of things more exceeding than his/her eyes can know. This is not to spun a superstitious education regime but to necessitate human’s search for meaning and to tap into the source of human’s essence. All that exist now is a product of somebodies faith. It was a seed of someones faith that has given us everything now, great people who leaves legacies saw these legacies in their heart when no one else could see them and they lived to exemplify their faith. Faith gave us automobiles, light bulbs, electricity, beautiful architecture, wonderful gardens, pens, chairs, aircraft, mobile phones and the list goes on unending. Faith is the only thing that produces! Human beings are not products of chance but we are the effect of God’s cause such that we may become the cause for a great world. The training of the heart gives three key things: Hope, Faith and Love. These three lessons are fundamental building blocks to any great education and society.  The training of the heart must be woven around these three central themes and given as much attention as the other forms of trainings.

The Mind Training: Our education focuses on what is popularly called the 3R’s. This concept has become the key concern of education in Africa. As important and critical as arithmetic, reading and writing is in mind development, it is not all there is it to mind training. Training the mind is positioning a person to dig into the myriad possibilities of faith. Mind training should pursue with much importance, logic, Multidimensional analysis, creative problem solution, Mechanical-Conceptual-Physical Reasoning, Visual/Spatial Processing,and Associational/lateral thinking. Education should not focus only on how well one can read, write or do arithmetic but we should begin to develop keen interest in how logical people reason, how well do we train people to associate things taught, how clear are students spatial reasoning, etc. What we are trained and tested for makes us inadequate to solve the real world complex problems and it is time we focused and taught our minds to fully develop.

The Hand Training: A fully developed spirit and mind lives in a body. Under developing the body is a sure way of limiting the scope of operation of the full being. In hand training we refer to training that teaches the hand to do. It will be best advised if physical training and apprenticeship training are not considered as appendixes to education but are looked upon with equal importance. Two other key dimensions to the Hand training is social intelligence and emotional intelligence. Education must bring people to know that no man is an island and that humanity exist in a complete and yet complex interwoven strands of interactions with each other.

This is the new pattern we must educate ourselves. There is enough time and resources to develop our geniuses if only we will appreciate we have been limiting ourselves for far too long. These courses of education is what The Eagles’ Wing and this blogs stands for; To wholly educate every single person on planet earth.

We bear a torch lighting each others corner, turn the next person’s light on with true education today for we are our own educators!

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