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I was but in the middle of what qualifies for a good sleep, when such fun was snapped by the sound of an alarm my very hands had set. I reluctantly woke up, not very much aware I had just enjoyed my last sleep for 2013. I staggered around very much like a drunk, only this time without the influence of alcohol. I literally had to hold my eyes to check the date and time. The readings on the alarm struck a reflective nature in me, a mood I have carried all through the day. I am sure I had only seen what the billions of people saw at the beginning of today, “31st December, 2013“. 
In as much as I was indifferent about today’s uniqueness, I soon had to come to terms with the fact that, the future year I saw in 2012 had come to an end. The reality of how time flies and the illusions of the future had dawned on me. I do not write this in any way to credit this year as a good year for it was obviously not so good for some people neither do I write a dirge to weep a terrible year because it was indeed good for a lot more people. The indifference I share extends beyond personal boundaries. The ups and downs of the year we are gradually burying in time is a story of all men and women in all generations and race.

The days and year just passing had seen men and women hustle to attain a dream in the light of hope and pursuits. The history of the year however, presented pain and laughter, election petitions and legal precedents, deaths and births, tales of scandals and heroism, profits and losses, strives and peace, etc. It is in these maze of conflicts that I had only woken up with the sun not shinning any brighter neither was it any less than I remember it years before. 

Do I therefore write only to tell how indifferent I am to this year and perhaps by extension all other years? I am sure not! I do however share landmarks lessons that will help our transition into a new year.

  1. Change is inevitable. Human beings as we all are can be persons of habits. We love comfort simply because our nature and persons become used to the old environment and we attain what psychologist call, ‘cognitive ease’. Task become relatively easier because things are familiar. Tinkering with familiar and ease produces the natural conflicts initiations of change face. It is however important to know change happens every passing minute and therefore maintaining an attitude which is open minded and not neophobic is paramount to success. I have noticed that, success consist of once ability to adapt excellently to the changing times and seasons.
  2. Hoping for the best yet planning for the worst is a key strategy in life. Hope will always play an important part in life’s pursuits. We can not hope any less that things will get better. We can not dream any little, we shall not assume a consciousness of any purpose less than what God has called for us yet let us tender such hopes with a plan that takes care of all the what if. Let us boldly dive in the deep uncharted waters having understood the depth and breath and a life jacket if possible. The year has taught me that, We may boldly assume the risks, however finding the wits to manage the risk prudently makes the difference between those who perish in pursuits and those who triumph.
  3. Love is not overrated. Virtues like passion, enthusiasm, care, compassion and humanity is still central to life. I hold firm that it all comes down to people.

Let us all end the year with the euphoria  but in the silence of our hearts and minds, let us pause to know 2014 will present diverse unfamiliar circumstances in which an aptitude for adaptation is needful for survival. Let us also remain increasingly visionary tampering such dreams with clarity of planning and above all let us adapt to love for God is LOVE.

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