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Perfection and excellence are words which sounds more remote from the reality the African lives. I speak of such remoteness because in Africa I was born, bread and are being buttered. In our story as Africans, perfection and excellence are near God experiences and one not attainable by any man or woman. We have created words in our language to communicate such incompetence and mediocrity in words such as, human as we say we are.
Yet across the globe somewhere, as much human as they are, perfection and excellence is the daily experience. I have found much evidence to believe man was created in the image of God by just days of experience in perfection and excellence rather than many year in contentment with low things.
Have I just lost my torch of hope and thus began to speak as on who blames anything African? Or perhaps I  have been blown out with awe such that home appeals to me no more? The answer to these questions and many more of such thoughts that my dear readers may be provoked to think is, NO!!! Rather, in such have I found a strong cause to believe all is not lost with Africa yet, I have found reason to believe this land called Desolate,can really be transformed. And in this article I share why and how.
  1. Precision is noble key that opens a golden door. The Dutch is rated third in terms of precision and time consciousness, only After Switzerland and Germany. I have witness exactness in a way that sounds so remote and never possible. I talk of things like train leaves at 9:58 and it does and not 9:59. One thing I know we as Africans have grown to have a lot on our hand and by thus have taken for granted is Time. We have grown to appreciate less of it least of all use any of it. But nothing is more true than the statement that, time is the summary of our lives. We practically invest time doing nothing and yet blame it all on chance. I have realized not many things are merely product of chance, most are the returns of what investments our seconds and minutes have been poured into. I write and by thus hope people may be inspired to make life count, but I have found it all begins with making the seconds count.
  2. Tough circumstance are no excuses. Amstelredamme which is an origin name which practically mean, dam in the river Amstel. A city which literally lies in water yet turned such circumstance into a UNESCO world heritage center by virtue of these same circumstance that should inhibit it. The whole country has a spread of canals cut and beautifully kept. One that not only serves it tourism purpose but always for irrigation. A country submerged in water, yet cities built with some pikes and land incredibly made use of. I was amazed to realize such a land in water happens to the the second biggest exporter of food to Europe aside United States of America. Practically no land yet they make it count, conspicuously water and again they make it count!!! Let us reexamine our excuses and let us make the circumstances count.
  3. Heritage is an honor. A country which boasts of the first stock exchange, the many museums and  keeps  some of the best arts collection spanning as way back as the 1500s. I have seen beauty in antique. The African discards all that is old and finds no lessons with the old. But most certainly, the sun that rose yesterday is the same that rises today. Confidence in our own, boldness to hold that which has been entrusted to our care and to make it count is our challenge.

I could go on and write all I may, but in these three simple acts I can bet a great transformational story if we will dare hold.

Yaw Sompa

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