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All the euphemisms of life eludes to a journey
The height charms us, but the steps do not; with the mountain in our view we love to walk the plains”
                        –Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Almost nine months ago, the idea of blogging caught my attention in a seemingly unimportant manner. It was a conversation I chanced by. Just peeping into the conversation for a few minutes I had the conviction to learn all I could about creating a blog and the first post  was dully up on September 12th, 2011.  Check out our  humble beginnings from here:(http://theagleswingfoundation.blogspot.com/2011/09/theory-of-constraints.html).
Nine months down memory lane, we have this post as our thirtieth share, nine members and one thousand six hundred and ninety three visitors as of writing this article. I had always dreamt of writing although I had never considered myself a good writer. Clear was my dream of writing and the idea of blogging was an opportunity. Call the circumstances of knowing about this opportunity purpose, chance or luck but after I got convicted of this idea, I had a choice of execution to exercise. One that certainly demanded of me steps and still very much do.
A common mantra we share is the idea that thoughts are relatively easy, actions are difficult but putting thoughts into action is possibly the most difficult of all endeavours. Getting things done takes commitment, passion, discipline and the list goes, but I will want to share a few lessons I keep learning on how to keep things running effectively:
  1. Commitment proceeds naturally from love. I wonder how I would have kept up this web page without having an interest in lots of reading and writing. Finding what it is that one loves is a good quest. Finding such interests begins the journey and initiates life’s quest. At this point if you are reading this, I will recommend that you make a list of all the things you can think of that begats your interest and passion. You may not necessarily have an idea of how to execute these passions right now but just keep your list safe and secured. I still remember my list of the things I loved and wished to do when I was eighteen year and writing was a key item.
  2. Without discipline, love for anything means little. Our society is gradually becoming one that belittles virtues like discipline and it’s substituting such honours for others like pleasure and fun. We seem to idolise behaviour that portrays little or no discipline at all. The argument has been, who sets the rules and who determine what discipline is. All that may be reasoned granted, yet anybody who must do something of essence must bear the heavy weight of discipline. Such levels of discipline as may not necessarily be fun to follow through until the work is perfected.
  3. How long can one walk the lonely icy path when no one is walking with you. There is a kind of energy we all source from people around us. Sometimes and I think most of the time, great things will really get lonely to be executed. When one decides to grow into the best of his/her dream, life will not stop to follow your ideals, people will at best watch you fail but most likely they will discourage you directly or not. People may not see how needful such passions you carry are because they are equally caught up pursuing their own dreams which is legitimate. But the truth is, after sometime people will stop to consider your energy, they will consider how far you are gone and will track on your steps. All it must take is endurance; certainly one gathers momentum after a long lonely walk and then exploits begin.
  4. People who have changed the world did not merely touch it, they pressed the future in. We are all likely to hold on to our little crowns in the past but getting dreams realised is always kept in the mystery of tomorrow. We must always keep hoping and daring to reach for the best in the future letting go things of the past. Thirty articles is not the end of this web site, it is the beginning. Nothing aborts and kills great things like complacency do, so remember not to even nurture it. See tomorrow and press towards it and do not relax for the sake of things done yesterday.
  5. Be willing to learn, grow, be corrected and to give freely. I sometimes wonder all the reading I must do to write one article, the people I seek to review for me, the work to get one post alive and yet it must be shared freely. On this matter there is only a counsel from the worlds known wisest man:  “Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding” These were the words of Solomon, Ancient King of Israel, in Proverb 23:23. We mostly have choices to exercise, a step to take. Of such choices is one to decide on the path of growth and sacrifice or selfishness and personal interest.
Tainted on purpose’s path is the weight of  wearying steps!
In Conclusion, I honestly believe that all of humanity are cut out for a great purpose under the sun, an agenda that is global, trans-generational, unique, exciting and of much essence to granting meaning to life. Stretching out daily I think is the key to fulfilling such an assignment. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones for the sake of an ultimate purpose is the way. It is the way wrapped up in a single word: STEPS!

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