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Last week was an exciting moment sitting in a conference of African Business Leaders. It was a gathering of Leaders from across Africa and other parts of the World. It was more exciting for me because it was an opportunity to look and carefully see into the minds of the hands that wield influence, power and money on the continent. There were interesting observations and resolutions I would want to share with you because it has so much bearing on the African Youth and the future which can not be less than now. 

  1. There is a wide-spread conviction that Africa is the land of HOPE for the world: It appears quiet a strong conviction judging from all the sad realities we see and hear everyday. It at face-value appears very optimistic and could be considered as words hoping against hope. Yet the convictions are strong, the evidence and statistics are compelling. This was only a confirmation of a conviction I had only believed by prophecy, Faith was my basis for this same conviction but there are growing evidence now.
  2. It is only an opportunity we have, One that presents challenges to build rather than a falling fairy: The very obvious interpretation of Africa as the bearer of the torch of hope is the fact that, it brims with numerous opportunities (at least so some of the expect say). For those who have the money, influence and the ability to ‘see’, opportunities abound! Yet reverse are the words of the African Youth, reverse is what appears true! Even in such do I wholly agree and sing the same opportunity chorus although it may be hard to believe the opportunity claim but honestly we as a people have great opportunity to create a new Africa.
  3. Africa has opportunities but can the African take advantage of them: Quiet obvious among the challenges of Africa is the African. It was quiet an emphasis that the major problem with Africa is the African. The African grows with very little passion to learn hence mostly limited education, bad attitudes to work and corrupt in many instances. Corruption was a single problem that resurfaced time and over again. For me the obvious question for the conference was, can we maximize our lots and take advantage of a time such as we have been trusted with by God?
  4. The call is for LEADERS: A need for strong and ethical leaders who can produce results is Africa’s cry. The continent’s die need is for leaders who can build strong institutions. Leadership is the strongest call if we must take advantage of our opportunities.
The African must be educated anew, the sons and daughters of our dear continent must embrace a new thought pattern, a new philosophy, a new ‘Modus Operandi’ and new ethics. The new African must have a teacher who believes in Africa’s call in this time. Teachers with the heart and mind able to prepare the land because destiny smiles at us, beckoning us to a place of influence and affluence.

To this teacher I pledge my essence, to this same cause The Eagles’ Wing Foundation will be there to travail until we say the birth of the new African in this new envisioned Africa.

Let Africa prosper, Let the African renew his thoughts and ways, for a New United Land of Warriors is being born. A new land full of milk and honey, one we must trust is given to us by God and thus we must endeavor to create for ourselves.

Long live Africa!

Yaw Sompa

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  • Anonymous says:

    ''The African must be educated anew''good one there.i heard last week that there is a difference btn been school and been educated.look into it and let me know the difference then we can see if what Africa needs is schooling or Education(maybe both). More grace dear.fel

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