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Over the weekend was a remarkable transition in my life. It was the birth of a new year as the old kissed my now, goodbye. This day was one of reflections into the past and a memory of the last ten year made an impression on me. I share my lessons as I have known in the last decade.
Exactly ten years ago was when I had entered high school as a fresh entry. I remember being driven to school by a good family friend together with my mother. I remember that day just as yesterday because after I had been checked in, I sent my things to my dormitory, returned only to find out that my mother had left without bidding me goodbye (Obviously one of the most lonely times I’ve ever known).
The memories are sure in my mind because of the challenges I had to go through to get an admission into a high school and the miracle it has taken to bring me this far. Below are ten of my most treasured lessons I have gleamed along the way:
  1. God is King and Jesus is Lord: In my short thoughtful life I have grown to know that, there are majority of things we don’t control as humans. Lords and kings hold the final power to make things happen. Their authority and mandates are binding. The fact that my birth was not my decision and the family I was born into was not my decision informs my fundamental faith in a Lord and King aside of myself. Not my parents! Because they didn’t have an idea of who I was, what I liked and above all they didn’t have a catalog to choose me from (I may have lost that vote). I have seen my parents in as much need as I have been over the last decade and the only things I personally have known to work is when I commit to God’ Spirit and to Jesus. Things work out for me when Jesus is in control!
  2. Essence is in Service: I have grown to know that meaning and fulfillment is found when one commits to service. In service I have found joy and meaning, such as I have not been able to find anywhere.
  3. There is always more to who/what we believe is possible with us: We mostly judge and see ourselves by our environment, education, parents and things we are familiar with. But from my background and where I schooled I know that more is possible with/for us.
  4. Faith is a golden Language: We may not necessarily know how things will turn out but hoping with a firm assurance that things turn out right works miracles. Faith creates broad-ways when the future is hazy and the vision unclear. Faith gives commitments and passion to pursue. Faith is a language, an expression of inner believes and it is indeed a golden language. Believe in your own ability if no one else does, for people only learn to speak to you with the faith you speak with yourself. 
  5. Humility is the price to pay for greatness: Humility is the sum total of a gentle spirit and a gracious nature. Wisdom and intelligence are mostly hidden is despised places just as opportunities. It always takes humble heart to notice them and pursue them irrespective of how humiliating others may see it. Nothing good is too small for us to do. Nobody chances on the big things unless he/she is ready to do the small things. It takes humility to accept and learn from the pain, failures and challenges which stretches us for real greatness.
  6. Pursue Wisdom, understanding and Knowledge: The key for a life of greatness is found in wisdom. One should commit to a life that seeks to learn always. We do not stop growing until we stop learning. Knowledge paves the way for all the contribution you will ever make to earth. Understanding what life is about, purpose of life and how to live life are key things to pursue.
  7. There is a beast and lamb in me: I have come to know everyman/women even the best ones have a propensity to do evil. I have grown to know there is a gentle and honorable man in me as much there is a brutish and vile man. The truth I have found is that, out of the two selves the one I feed and give attention becomes my expression and personality. One of the two selves must be subdued, famished and rejected for the other to thrive but the choice lies with us. I choose who to feed!
  8. Solitude is a golden safe haven: I have realized that dependency on people will rip you of the opportunity to find great gems. All the great ideas, wonderful stories, beautiful pieces and remarkable gifts are discovered in solitude. Running into people arms because you can’t enjoy your own company is stifling your own imagination and creativity. Imagination is the room to behold the future and it is best practiced in solitude. Meditation, time-alone, quite time, and personal sober reflections are the best grounds that breeds great geniuses. 
  9. Share: No one will ever know what you have until you volunteer to share it. No one will pay a price or even invest in your big dreams and talents until you first sacrifice it by sharing. In sharing you grow, In sharing you gain credibility. I have found out that it is only in the corridors of sharing that the great coincide with amazing success.
  10. Love is Diamond: Strange things happen with love. I will not say it any better but to quote the wise writer, Apostle Peter, “…Love cover a multitude of Sin” Deep love is an experience to behold! One that have might stronger than death.
10 years, 520 weeks, 3,640 days, 87,360 hours,  5,241,600 minutes, 314,496,000 seconds. This has been the time line since I first entered high school. It has been a build up of the passing seconds. I guess the greatest lesson then, perhaps, is the fleeting nature of time. If someone has something to do, it better be now for time and tides indeed waits for no man.
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