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Dear Sir,
I have honestly wished for the best day to communicate to you how immensely you have contributed to my life. Times have flown without a clear conviction of when such a day would ever come but I thank the heavens for today. Eternity has given me a space in time to engrave my letter on an eternal memoir because you not only turn three scores today but today marks the day I saw your stone of tears; one born out of great passion and love.
The tales of Rabbis have always been far from my reach but you placed in my struggling reach what is so possible. You taught me how to fine tune my rugged individualism with a blend of love and service for humanity. I wish I could write a poetry as to a lover but such respect as I owe you will not permit me to. I nothwithstanding want to highlight on your day what it is for me that you have added to my life:
  1. You have been an amazing source of inspiration to me. This is perhaps the biggest thing for which I will always owe you a thank you. Your inspiration for me is not any less than the passion from a first love or a first kiss. Your story of how you started this growing empire, your background, your sincerity and values system have been a huge boost in the pursuit of my purpose.
  2. You provided the platform for me to meet the right people. It is in your vision I have found friends and acquintences for a life time. I have equally found teachers, admirers, criteques and friends on my journey through life. These are all people who have added and are adding to my life, for from all these new people, there has been something to learn.
  3. You point me to the best directions you know how. I remember quiet earlier knowing you, you made fun out of my best wit and it changed in an amazing way a perspective I had.
  4. You not only have been a mentor but a friend. You know me in person and call me by my first name, listening and relating to me on a personal basis. You have been a great boost to my personal confidence and sense of self-worth. THANK YOU!
  5. My gift matters now, my poor background has little in my future because I have found space in your vision to provide value to the world.  I know without a doubt I make a difference in this world because people like you laid the foundation of making a difference. 
Certainly Sir, you have done more for me than what I could write of in this letter but I just want you to know my heartfelt appreciation for been my Mentor. The implied benefits of what I can lay my hands to are many and I join the many in celebrating your life at sixty.
I kindly end here reminding myself of our last thanks giving church service, where your words pointed to your amazement in building this vision to where it is. Certainly acknowledging God in the build-up. I would be grateful to know the role faith, religion and spirituality has played in all these years. 
Reflecting on the few year together I can only imagine the next thirty-five years when I would have been your age and when you would be five and eighty. We may then talk and reflect well on how far life has come and in such reality appreciate the meaning of life such as God has given us to know. 
You have been a huge pillar in my life, your words of RESPECT and your life to show such will never leave me, thank you and happy day.
Yours faithfully,
Yaw Okyere.
Yaw Sompa

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