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Yesterday was truly an insightful day for me. It was a day that gave me an opportunity to recount the journey of my home fifty-five years down isle.

It was an inspiring stroll along our streets and slums, an inspiration of yet more work to be done. There is no doubt the heart of the sons and daughters of the land is deep but certainly our minds, work and results must in such grow to the size of our heart.
I guess among the myriad of question that flooded my thoughts yesterday during my walk, the question of what is it that we want to achieve as a nation stood key among them. I intend in this post to share and ask all readers across the globe that, what is it that we seek to achieve as a people? This question is one we must honestly find an answer to. My walk teased my suspicion into guessing that, we may not have, as a nation, 55 years down train decided what is it that we want. That is quiet embarrassing and heartbreaking but seemingly the truth.
I do not seek to tell woe stories neither to sing legend praises but to objectively look at the way we are en route as a nation. Such a path I strongly think we are not even aware of. I may as much write in the winds what I think but may God help us to change.
As I walked by the independence square and noticed the inscription of AD 1957, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. My heart could not stop yearning for the clear aspirations of the fathers that sought freedom and justice and more importantly what was to the vision bearer of Ghana Freedom and what was to them Justice? I reasoned with myself to what shall we measure when we have the said dream of freedom and justice. But I guess it all comes back to our hopeful nature of things will turn out right.
I have known a truth under the sun, that nothing gets done until somebody does it. I do not yet again intend a long script but one to provoke thought once again of what is it that we want as a nation, hoping to insight among us the discuss of what path are we on? Shall we then sit in the midst of such questions and celebrate anniversaries when little or perhaps nothing has been done for a long time? I pray we may all rally around the tables of patriotism to reclaim a nation that had glory like gold and had a name as such. I pray we will not consider only the history in the pages of our books but will seek to add on until we have built a nation we shall be proud of.
I dream of home I can call home, home I can be proud of, one that is an example of what is it that faith can achieve. Let us gather around thoughtfulness and avail our hands to prudent work, our attitude to beneficence, our hearts to love, our minds to diligence and our culture to excellence. In such is there the dream of FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. The dream we must all dream and work toward for we’ve all got no home but HOME!


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