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I share this with an honest feeling I can not put my hands to. It appears a blend of sorrow, loneliness, distrust, rejection, and faith all mixed up. I find it a bit strange though how such diverse and intense feeling weigh on me at this time. The question of love and love stories bear much smiles with them that experience it, so why would I write of it without the intense joy? More has been sang, written, done, taught and felt about love than perhaps any other word. All stories that abides are either entirely love stories or one with an amazing touch of love. Do I seek to recount love stories or to dream of such stories in the pages I write?
Maybe precisely so, but more importantly, to ask the question of what has become of love? The post title is all I intend to achieve; to seek to know what has become of such as is called LOVE.
The question of what love is has always produced many unique answers as there are the many that answers. One word used often, understood relatively little about, and deeply in search for but quiet denied when found. I have always wandered if it were a legend, myth or reality when we talked of love. whatever it maybe I can only as much talk about my experience with certainty and hope others share their thoughts with us.
When I was growing up, I strangely believed that, nothing such as love existed until I was proved wholly wrong by an experience of love itself. The beauty and fangs of the time made it an experience worth talking about and less open to doubts. The lesson of the experience was quiet simple, to answer my childhood question of does love exist? Yes, love does exist! But the answer left a longing for such fullness every single minute.
I am yet to meet a human being who does not want to be loved every single minute and at least to share such love with somebody as often as they could their own love for them. February has always been an interesting month giving people a good opportunity to celebrate love at least once in a while. Must love thus be constraint to a day of the year or an hour in the clock?  Will such not defy what love may truly mean?
We only recount one month after the notable valentine’s day and what has become of love? Has love become mere rhetoric and play acts without any real meaning and essence? Has it become a ploy for the strong to manipulate the weak?
May God help us all to find what love indeed is and how priceless such a gem is when found. May we endure to know what love truly is and to commit to living on such pure levels. Love is immense and intense, vast and all encompassing. Love can only be God!
Yaw Sompa

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