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“Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.” – Robert Browning
The subject of love is no doubt one talked of by all the best brain ever imaginable. I believe it stands either clearly or subtly as the quest of every human heart and soul. The New Testament writer Paul places our discussion in context by summarising in 1Cor. 13:13 that, what abides, withstanding the storms is either of hope, faith or love. He proceeds to conclude on which of these virtues is greatest, without leaving it to doubt or debate-LOVE IS THE GREATEST!
Richard Bach, known for his 1970’s bestsellers Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, and others made an amazing statement on love, “True love stories never have endings.”  I think all the writers, poets and philosophers have learnt to put the same thing about love in varying forms yet unequivocally pointing to the all Divine and beauty of love. I will try in the lines beneath to share what I have learnt of this beauty of love.

  • · Love must first be found with self. The first I have learnt of the life of love is that it must be found with oneself first. Motivational speakers, preachers, shrinks, advocate, philosophers have always spoken of a message of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, personal value, etc. All this I have learnt is the foundational beauty, LOVE MUST FIRST BE FOUND WITH SELF!
    · Love, like a muscle must be exercised if it must find its full measure. By the eyes of faith we hope and seek for the magical fairies that comes with the feeling of love but I have learnt such as is felt must be cultured to grow in an environment where it thrives. We all have great capacity to love, if only we will exercise our potential enough, for love is in the action!
    · Love loves on. The end has always been the real beginning of love; love always hikes the mountain, crosses the ocean, and endures the valleys until the dragon is killed. No dragon stands in between the knight and the princess!
    · The Language of Love is spoken is simple terms. We think of the big things to show and express Love but love is truly found in the simple genuine smile, the kind words, the warm hug, etc. The seemingly unimportant acts which can be so easily neglected speak volumes of the heart we hold to love- The real place love exists is in the corridors of simplicity and candor!
  • ·  Living is an art in Loving. Lucile Aurore Duphin, the popular French Novelist and memorist known for her pseudonym, George Sand spells it well in her quote, “There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved“. All noble acts in life are done with an enthusiasm only love can produce. Life begins with Love’s beacon!
We are all born into a world, a world known very little to us at our entry, even unknown to us that such as we came was a gift of love. The love of them that bore us literally has made us who we are. The lessons from home, through school and all in life are learnt at Love’s table. No better way to live life but to LOVE.
I conclude with a Saint Augustine’s quote that inspires me every single time I hear it: “LOVE IS THE BEAUTY OF THE SOUL”. No brighter light to shine, no perfect song to sing, no refreshing breeze to soothe than that of love. I wish and pray you love the rest of you life on earth, for all we are here to do is to love. In love is beauty such as I pray for you!

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