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I have wondered within this month questions bothering on truth. I have read articles and publications on the subject of truth and other related topics within this month. One particular question struck me all through my truth enquires; i.e. What is the most important piece of strand in the weaving of life patterns? This question was asked by Apologist Ravi Zacharias, and he goes on further to answer with a single word, TRUTH.
How true this statement is, truth is incredibly the most important piece of life’s whole puzzle. These questions of truth was birth within me as I went through the Easter period. I had the opportunity of leading a small youth group in my neighbourhood to discuss the topic of truth and history.  This topic is particularly important because of the dominating worldview of postmodernism, which exclusively reject absolutes and sing choruses of relativity as truth.
I intend to share some key lessons I have learnt about truth and its search with the many who will read this article and to the generation far beyond ours who may need reference to truth and its existence someday soon.
  1. Truth must be sought with passion and enthusiasm just as any other jewel that must be found. If indeed we grow to appreciate truth as the most important thing, then it must be sought with all the passion it deserves. Love and desire for truth is the beginning of finding truth as much as it is the beginning of finding any other thing that humanity must have.
  2. Open-mindedness to accept truth is a human weakness. Objectivity is and it will always be the gateway to truth. Prejudice is the single enemy to truth. The irony of the human race is sad, the world is full of people desperately seeking things only to reject them when they have found what they sought for all their lives. This unfortunate irony seems to pierce our search for truth as well. We may do all to find truth but we must guard the weakness to reject it for the comfort of our old and used to philosophies and traditions.
  3. Truth can best be understood and embraced in the context of a person. We do not speak of truth in abstracts or as a quality that is abstract. Truth is best seen in or about a person or about a thing of substance. Post-modernism gains roots when it can reduce human cause to nothing tangible. We live in a tangible world with reference points and human being are not figments of imaginations or imaginary concepts. Truth can only be known when seen as a person and not as a concept of an imagination.
  4. Truth conforms with history and human experience. Truth is not isolated to one person. We are used to a world now where people say, well that is true for me if even it is not true for anybody. Truth has coherence and no contradiction in itself. Contradiction can only be a liar! It can therefore not be true for you alone, that can only be a liar you may have believed!
  5. He who wield the tool of liars and deploys them well is humanity’s greatest enemy. There is no threat like distortions and manipulations. Unfortunately, there are a lot of counter messages in the media such that they all can not be true. Not everything seen in the media is truth neither is the first information gain the truth. Liars are as powerful as truth because each stand the possibility of being believed.
  6. Truth exists because of a universal moral law from whence we may know good and evil, truth and liar. The goal posts do not keep changing. Truth is exclusive! If we granted a statement such as, the sun rises from the East as truth, will we therefore not mean that the sun does not rise from the West, North or South at the same time? Relativity cannot be true for the mere truth of truth being exclusive.
  7. Seeking to prove truth rather than to disprove it is the honour of the wise. It appears a lot more people are busy and trying to disprove one thing or the other. The logic stands out  to reason that if we can prove truth, granting its exclusivity than all others can not be true. There may a thousand lies but only one truth. It is therefore only nobler and wiser to seek to prove that which is true rather than to disprove it.
Conversations are life’s own way of giving us a platform to solve lives complexes. Our whole life is wrap around our conversations. We talk what we have believed. What we have believed is always the bottom line. Belief systems and what we belief will determine how life turns out for each one of us. I only implore readers to be careful of what they believe as truth. We must all subject our belief system to the rigorous test of time to proof truth. I end with an idea for the truth seeker, all seeker must be willing to subject their own belief to doubt before found as true beyond reasonable doubt by them.
I have found one as true and with no doubt, I believe truth is found in JESUS CHRIST!
Yaw Sompa

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