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I will normally post a poem on the Poet’s Diary, leaving its appreciation for the reader’s own judgement. But in this post I share with the world, A message of humility and Love. A poetry with the mood and tone of a feeling of anticipation and joy, yet a prayer that the tender heart may not break. A poet from a romantic heart caught up in admiration as his ink bleeds of a jewel, ‘ShANTY’: enjoy the piece! Appreciation and comments welcomed…
 Such smiles certainly not there, if to find
Beauty, I’ll never cease to write, but not in such places to inspire
An angel found on the planes of service
Celestials with highness esteemed, and not of a hand amongst helps to lend
Yet there I met your smile; the smile all my life I to cherish
When the service beckoned, I to a dissert surrendered
For a heart to serve I’ve always prayed
But such heart in humiliation only to tilt
Touting I subjected myself to for tis to God’s heart I yearn
Least did I know, a twin there to find
Bodies lived distance apart though, yet with one soul
My minds have not stopped winning, and my heart not ceased to gladden
My countenance brighter and my eye ever to hope a look-upon
My eyes yet with tears wandering where you have been until such lowly lands
Leaving me to the torment of ‘aloneliness’ and the fangs of many rejections
Still waters spread amidst green pastures, yet only in valley’s found
The beauty always around that nature, breathtaking re-freshness, yea, Soothing!
Yet veiled in the base of the lowly places,
After the climbs and the sweats uphill then one may discover true beauty and nature’ best,
Hidden in lowly places!
I will never bow my head but my hands ever to raise for the discovery of my life in lowly places
I can only to God pray,
He that is The Author of all Beauty
That such as I’ve found in meekness may be the reality I’ve always searched for
That this may be the dream I’ve seen long coming
A memory always to keep of you-
One of Beauty, Charm and Serenity
Your Smile-My Love, Your Joy-My Endeavor: You, My Pursuit to Know,
That with you we may climb the worlds to change,
 For our journey down lowly isle just began!
Yaw Sompa

Author Yaw Sompa

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  • santy says:

    nice piece. Dint reali understand every part of it initially. A second reading did the trick . thanks and keep up the talent!!!

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