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I seek to write of the heart of the best Mom that has ever being, most definitely, mine! She had little but gave all, she risked all to bring the best out of me. Sometimes I think about her with tears in my eyes. I even write this piece fully conscious of her infinite sacrifices and that stirs me up greatly with a profound gratitude to share for mothers.
I know without a doubt that this knowledge of my mother is no unique to me. Many across the globe can equally be grateful for angels such as mothers are. I share the heart of a mother, great lessons they teach the world:
  1. A mother’s heart is position to conceive. A mother does not only have a womb to conceive but a heart that anticipate for the child. I barely remember my early days before I was two but I know there was somebody who conceived my hunger, sickness and hurts. It could only take a mother to conceive what was with me even when I had no clue.
  2. A mother’s heart teaches. Nothing is as true of a Mom than a teacher. Noble in heart to teach the child the best way she possibly knows how. I’ve always known one best teacher: Mother!
  3. A mother’s heart sacrifices. I remember growing up to see Mama virtually give up her life for mine. No job, No personal preferences, No life of her own but mine. She gives what is in her mouth to fill my own hunger, her cloth for my nakedness. All may give for a reason but I know she gives because she is a MOTHER.
  4. I have not known any hopeful heart than a mother’s. This is a heart that endures nine months in hope for something she never knows, tends for it for years, all in HOPE of the best child ever born. It can only take a mother to hope and to bring the best out of a dispersed sperm cell.
  5. A mothers heart is a treasury of wisdom. As a teacher she teaches but a treasury I have an ever assuring knowledge of deposits. She never runs out of good council. She saw me through my youthful day of lots of vile heart and untempered exuberance with wisdom to guide and council. She turned a gentleman out of a youthful heart. It only takes a mother to do that.
  6. A heart strong enough to discipline. She never lets me go bad without correction. She straightened me on the part of discipline, a path necessary for all progress and success. As a child I hated her for than, but as a man I love her more for the courage to tamper discipline in goodwill.
  7. No home for Love than Mom’s heart. I have known only one place to believe and to really trust love- In Mom’s Bosom. All I could say of a mother’s heart is one of LOVE!
Societies only live as long as mothers live. The more we loss them the more we shatter the foundations of all humanity and life is. I wish I could sing my mom a song or perhaps write her a poem yet with the world I share her immortal lessons. Lessons never to be forgotten for a MOTHER is an angle who never dies! She lives on at least, on the hearts of the children of every generation.
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