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I know so many declaration, affirmations, resolutions and themes of the year have already gone forth. Very noble are such act because it gives us direction and focus for the days ahead in the year. In the midst of all our pursuits do I want to share briefly a common theme we all share as human being, Africans and  Ghanaians more importantly. This is the theme of PEACE.
I pray I can share this message loud enough to the ends of the world this year. Maybe we indeed will when God grants us the leave for The Eagles’ Wing National Peace Tour 2012. This theme of peace is very important to us as Ghanaians because whatever the year may be to us; open doors, double possibilities, great breakthroughs, mega manifestations, it will only be achieved in an environment of peace. Peace is not an option in 2012, it is a need for us! The year 2012 presents us with the opportunity to either strengthen our claim as the beacon of hope for Africa’s development and democracy or to delete the small credibility hard fought with the last two decades.
I believe in the peaceful nature of Ghanaians that is why I share this message to remind us of our nature of being accommodating and peaceful. My message of peace for the year is that all may find:
  1. Inner Peace first: We can only radiate the peace we have within. Thank God this season provides us with a time to reflect on the birth of the Prince of Peace. Seek Him, endeavour to find him, find peace for your soul because that is where it all begins from. No one can give unless he/she has!
  2. Let us all Advocate for Peace: It is our collective responsibility to advocate for peace this year. Talk about it to your small groups and to your big groups. Cease every opportunity to share the message of peace to anyone who will listen. Sharing it enough will make us hear enough to seek otherwise.
  3. Forbid your glory to be used only as an instrument of violence: Violence wax great by patronage. Cease to be used to sow, water, garden the seed of violence in any form imaginable.
  4. Power chaser should do it in the spirit of national interest and not selfish ambitions: No person ceasing power by any means such as will breed violence is worth patronage because he/she knows not the purpose for wanting such.

We all have a duty to our homeland, to build and defend the heritage once won for us through the blood and toil of our fathers. Above all, we have an exercise in will to make, to choose for our dear nation. May we with prejudice to none choose the best man for Ghana based on issues and in the spirit of peace.
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