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The year is still queit young, a much approriate time to talk about time management. It’s five days out of three hundred and sixty five and that may not sound much but that is like 120 hours since we began the year. Time gets pretty much interesting as it is broken down into its fundamental units. Time perfectly presents itself as fleeting in its basic units. The message of this blogpost is to spell the critical need to guard and prudently use the passing seconds because they are the hopes we pray for and passionately resolve on.
The summary of someone’s life is the time they spend on earth. The rich and poor, the old and young, male and female and the pretty and ugly are all blessed with a common good: The same duration of time within the day. Such space of eternity is given to the sons of men to do as they will and find most pleasing. The truth nevertheless is that such use of the minutes produces a ripple effect which in the end set the tone for someone’s destiny. Below are some useful lessons to learn about time and how to effectively manage yourself within the given space of duration in 2012.
  1. We all have very little control over time in itself. The very first lesson on time I want to share with you is the need to know the old time proverb, time and tide waits for no man. No man has the powers to control time. Time is a universal principle and general truth no one can alter. What we all have to control over is ourselves within the time given. Time management therefore becomes primarily a self-management process.
  2. Time Management is only important in relation to a vision. If there is nothing to do, there is no worries about what you do with the time you have. How well to structure time is secondary to what all this time is going to be used for. A vision begats Time consciousness. A hopless person is one who mismanages time simply because he or she has too much to do very little.
  3. Time is the only currency of Life: The only gift we all naturally possess is time which we exchange for any other gift. We must therefore understand time is to be traded. Time is a means to TRADE for whatever one may desire. We trade with time for an education, trade time for a paycheck, trade time for relationships, trade time for spiritual upliftment. Time must be best understood as all we have to exchange for all we may ever desire. Cost of things must therefore not be measured in monetary terms but in value of time used or wasted.
  4. Discipline and Self-Control are the only personal tool that makes all others tools work: You may use a to-do list, daily planner, organizers, time action machines after you have master discipline and self-control. These other tools are wonderful in themselves and I recommend at least one for you this year. But I want you to know that none of them achieves anything on its own. It is eventually you who decides to do what you have set out to do with these time management tools.
  5. Plan the next day before you sleep each day and examine how worth that day has been: Avoid the trap of falling into the busyness of life with a little plan then you try to figure out a plan in the midst of the heat. Determine before each day what you will use that day for in respect to your bigger vision. Don’t leave any day to chance because in such is a great temptation to waste. Determine how relevant each day has been by its contribution to your ultimate vision for life and set the tone for the next day with a plan even beforee its dawn breaks.
A wise man once appropriated the life of man and divided it into morning, afternoon, evening and night. His morale was as fast as the day goes down so shall the life of a man go down quickly. But his lesson was this, manage the morning well because it contains the strength of the day, the hopes and the aspiration, use the afternoon fruitfly because it is the heat of the day and the time of aggressive work. Watch the sunset because it is when the day ends slowly and efforts receeds, sleep at night because all that could be done in the day has been done. I share this story because we are still in the morning of the year, let each quarter of this year be a time bound for the day of the year and find a good cause to use each part of this year for.
Finally, time is God’s gift to humanity and how we use it is our gift to God. 2012 as a package of every big and small thing desired and gotten depending on how well we value and use time in relation to the big picture. Never forget the Irish for they say, “Time is so precious that it is dealt out to us only in the smallest possible fractions-a tiny moment at a time.”
I pray you find value in 2012 because you will learn to use time optimally because to snatch the passing moment and examine it for signs of eternity is the noblest of occupations as said by Halle. Never forget that even 80% effectively use of time wastes an approximate 15 years of your life. Give no place to little wastes of time. Let focus drive you to ultimately achieving your goals because you will guard the fleeting seconds and minutes.
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