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One sure thing I would be grateful for in 2012 although the year may be quiet a young one is the privilege to have presented me with very challenging issues and debates on morality, existence, essence, conscience, beneficence, origin, destiny, values, etc. These are hard questions philosophers and the best minds all through time have fought and pried into. Some critics mock life and deny such pursuit’s essence yet haunt for life’s meaning in the bosoms of their own quiet hearts and minds. No human being has ever escaped the need to grapple with these tough issues. The main argument to me over the past few days has been whether all this grandeur and order is a fact of matter plus chance plus time or that the evil and difficulty to grapple with all the complexities of life is a noble deliberate plan of a higher transcending being. It may not be easy to just choose one but we have to if we must live, it may be a choice of faith or reason but eventually you MUST decide a world-view to live with.
Each of these fundamental positions begets principles that anchors on it. Paradigms are fundamentally conceived from whether or not life in itself proceeds out of randomness or it is purpose-driven. These two key world views make a huge difference in how we make all life decisions. We all have a choice to believe in either one or worse off abstain from deciding at all but the truth will still remain that all your decision ever to be made will borrow counsel from your sub-conscious belief of origins.
I asked a senior colleague I respect his options very much today for example his world view and all the answer I got was, you will be very confused if I share them with you. The simple question that came to me was, is he confused by his own position because suggesting that your position may leave nothing but confusion seems to suggest to me that you only have a confused position. And I must say I honestly understand his position because many over years have tried to understand and have not found truth but vague standards as it may be in many instances. But a less obvious question stems out from his answer, maybe I have not much understanding to comprehend such matters of essence and such great value yet.
I decided to write this post because of the second question I came up with. Are we as a society running away from objectively and honestly seeking TRUTH because of the complexities and sensitivity that may be around it or we are just taking on assumptions and rumours of other people gullibly? It is quiet possible to get a response such as these things may only be decided as matters of faith and thus it should be left at that. Good as it may be, I wonder if matter of faith may stem from TRUTH and assuming not, does such matters of faith affect and contribute to Socio-economic development in any way?
Without being philosophical the answer is clearly YES! As a matter of fact, such things as we call faith is the foundation for all the systems that we have; education, financial, religious, just name them. Are matters of such importance and such varied implication been left to individual preferences and personal feeling to decide? Maybe prisicely so.
I post this article to insight the curiosity of all of us into matter of essence and great implications such that we may begin to consider the foundation once again because if the foundations are destroyed, what could ever be built? I entreat serious engagements on debates of essence. We advocate a position as we have found TRUTH but that does not in any way stop your own search. I think we only lose when we lose the passion to find TRUTH. I urge that we seek answers wherever it may be found even in the corridors of doubts. I humbly employ people to openly share with such zest their findings as with the zest truth was sought. Let us all have a course to think of such things as:
  1. Eternity and Existence
  2. Morality and Essence
  3. Accountability and Conscience
  4. Values and Ethics.
Let me end this with two quotes, the first is from Goethe who was a German writer, pictorial artist, biologist, theoretical physicist, and polymath who says, “If you want a wise answer, ask a reasonable question” All I entreat is that you may find questioning matters of essence important and not one to run away from as the case may be now. Let us approach these issues boldly with reasonable questioning. 
Finally is a quote from the lyrics of a song from the movie The Crow which is a 1994 American action film:
“We walk the narrow path
Beneath the smoking skies
Sometimes you can barely tell the difference
Between darkness and light.

Do we have faith
In what we Believe?
The truest test is when we cannot …
When we cannot see …

The campaign is to test that which may have been called faith and to find what truth is. Join the cause for you matter in the search. Many cannot see, and those who are sure of the light must bear witness of it! We must seek through our hearts, minds and souls and every clue would be needed.
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