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“If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?
– Jeremiah 12:5 NIV
Humanity’s pursuit for happiness and fulfillment predisposes it to almost always wanting to embrace pressures with negative feelings. We believe these negative attitudes are spun because no one feels comfortable under the heat for a long time, nevertheless I think most importantly it is so because the strength and blessings produced from the phenomenon of pressure is underestimated. 
We pause to ponder just for a while human existence without pressure. Before you discount your contribution to life and forsake your diligence on the campaign ticket of ‘More Pressure,No More Work’ consider the numerous application of pressure for daily living: — inflating tires — playing musical “wind” instruments — drinking through straws — flushing toilets — watering lawns with hose or sprinkler — drawing water from wells — blowing up balloons — operating barometers — maintaining body shape, especially around the abdomen — breathing And the list goes on unending (funny as it may be yet it even takes pressure to force things out of our water closets).
These are only application to inanimate things you may think.But just for a minute perceive its implication for human life in the automobile industry, the music industry, manufacturing, sanitation , environment, science and technology, fashion and interior decorations and ultimately the health industry. Million amounts of money are spent on diseases implied to obesity which could be reduced with inducing a bit more pressure on our bodies.
The lesson for today is not just to look at these obvious facts but to look a bit more deeper and examine pressure in essence as a reproductive force. Nobody can reproduce and increase without an application of pressure! A man is as potent as the amount of pressure he can contain in his spongy tissues. Precious as babies may be yet they are born at neck-breaking pressures of mothers (Physically pushing in our part of the world).
It is said that, one of the most obvious symptoms of mental impropriety is doing the same thing obviously the same way and expecting different results. I have met many people desiring success and dreaming great things and yet operating at levels they have operated in for years which has no promise of success. The honest truth is that nothing gets done without doing, and new things are done requiring of us new skills, strength, understanding and attitudes which are at best adapted to through a form of pressure.
We must learn to appreciate that the productive endeavors we even find pursuit-fulfilling has a direct demand on our talent, resources and abilities. The bigger and more prospering these ventures become the more obvious it becomes that it needs more time, refined skills, clearer comprehension and ultimately in-depth strategy. These qualities are not inherited, they are choices to adaptation reproduced out of pressure. Harnessed pressure always produces much more beneficial results than a relaxed, no diligent approach. We know a thing is as flaccid and weak as much as the pressure it lacks!
This blog is not in anyway advocating stress, but what we are advocating is that, be strengthen as you go through the mill, stand the heat, hold on although you may be stretched beyond imaginable. Turgidity is enjoying the endurance, enjoying the pain because of the gain (Body builder and exercising people know this truth).
Your dreams are possible, your goals can be achieved, destiny can be fulfilled if only you can bear the pressure it takes to make those dreams firm enough for reproduction, multiplication and progress. Don’t despise pressure but be strengthen by it because whatever does not kill you will certainly make you stronger!
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