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We consider our last blog on the series on Turgidity which is Plasmolysis. This is a simple concept of losing water and unsustainable turgidity. Many of us manage to persevere and hold on yet a little while but not as a lifestyle. We in conclusion to this series look at sustained turgidity and avoiding loss of content at any point in time.
The following are listed note to take in avoiding ever being diagnosed of ‘Plasmolysis’:
  1. Know Life is a Marathon and not a Short-Dash: Sustained speed is more prudent to life’s course than mere speed. We emphasize on speed in today’s term over the ability to hold on to that measured pace. No one can ever advocate against speed, but the essence is not to be in a hast to failure but be guided unto a well measured sustainable speed.
  2. Build Tough Cuticles: One remarkable thing in life is the opportunity to choose how you will react in any circumstance. Circumstances will most certainly vary but your decision to either withstand or be subdued by the prevailing time is most important. Psychologists have taught over ages goal setting and dreaming techniques but the truth is that, after you set your goals, times will vary. Build capacity before those variations come because when they do arrive it will be too late a time to decide what to do. Those are the days when you will be pressed in and what has been in you all these while will be brought up. This is a friendly reminder, as you set your goal decide to build capacity for varied actions and make sure to entrench those decisions before the worse strikes.
  3. Be open for exchange of knowledge: Stereotypes and prejudices could serve as the worse facilitator of Plasmolysis. This is where you keep a closed system and therefore leave little or no room for appropriate flow. Flowing water scarcely stinks! Life producing water bodies always have an inlet and an outlet to sustain life. Don’t forget a healthy balance of other opinions and perceptions could save anyone from a fool’s paradise.(It is only the leader who refuses knowledge that goes to public with a soiled garment!)
  4. Find Healthy Refreshers: We all need breaks to reinvigorate and revive dying passion and wobbling limbs. Find something healthy you you love doing and make it a reference point of bouncing back. It could be being around people you love or involvement in activities you love. The most important things is that, it should be healthy and must have the ability of restoring your childhood smiles. You will never be too old for a good laugh or a serious play! (A lesson worth for a the postmodernist man)
  5. Remember great landmarks: If you can remind yourself of good times in the past, then you can certainly look forward to the best in the future. The beauty of this cue is that, it doesn’t have to be your landmark necessarily. The law of Precedent allows for borrowed inspirations for people’s stories. Keep your warmth by knowing landmarks of bounce-backs, bound-leaps, and curved roots.
In conclusion, let us all look ahead with eagles’ vision as a new people of strength to rebuild and to overcome.Soaring is our destiny, succeeding is our calling and greatness is our birthright!
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