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This is an amazing question to consider today in this blog. What should exist honestly might appear a fanciful or utopian wish on a fairy land. But the reality of this question is far more reaching than a pursuit of a wishing soul.
What should exist is one question among many others any innovator or pioneer of change will have to ask. A careful consideration of this question does not only open one up to search for the answer for a change process but it redirects and streamlines social discourse and actions. 
The beauty of innovation is noticed in our recollections of Steve Jobs yet how many of us have sat to ask what should exist in the next decade as we reflect on the life of one who lived in the essence of this question.
An analytical mind which seeks to know what should exist gleams multivariate data in such an exercise and thus stand the chance of building a system which will champion the vision of what should exist.
The birth of any vision is on the altar of this same question:What should exist? The stronger the question of what should exist the more compelling it is to draw a clear plan of how to chat that course.
Leadership is a path of daily questioning and pursuit of what should exist and then leading the way there. Since I am one of the ardent believer of the universalism of human leadership  I can rightly suggest that until one can clearly answer in his/her own terms what should exist, life is yet to really begin for him/her because it means the inherent nature to lead has not been explored yet.
Exploring our full individuality is tied around our pursuit of innovation for common good but the question of what should exist does not automatically set anybody on a leading end. We suggest below how to ask this all important question of what should exist. We also seek to help you in building a lifestyle that constantly asks this question and thus help you lead a way to changing the world much more real by the lessons shared.
  • Ask with Prejudice to None: A red-tainted sunglasses will most definitely make the world appear red when the world is viewed through them in a sunny day. Judgement of the world by such lens is most certainly flawed. Perception counts and may mean a lot of things. Everybody who can see what should exist should be able to first see what is without prejudice to none. If somebody lacks the ability to see it as it is then it most predictably asserts that he/she can’t chat a course from here to where he sees because the problem under review is not even clearly comprehended. It is therefore key to be able to know prevailing realities in the light of what should be. The key lesson here is to be able to answer what should exist, first answer what exists?
  • Who pays the price: When the answer for what should exist is diligently sought, one truth that comes to bear is that somebody must be willing to pay the price for the transition. Your answer of what should exist does not magically bring it bear. You must pledge commitment and passion to transform the birth vision. Like a baby born somebody must have enough dedication to nurture it until it can survive on its own.
  • Leverage on Synergy: Gathering talented people around your answer of what should exist is a sure way to at least see your vision succeed. Such people who may have bought into your vision of the future or perhaps have a similar hope for the future help in reshaping the road map for success. They may not only serve as companions on the way but they are healthy contributors to an overall change process. Treat people therefore with respect and in a collaborative spirit which harnesses individual strengths around a single question of what should exist.
Commitment is a sure way to leading this part of the world to what we see, if I may share my own answer of what should exist, then I see a new African Leader without corruption and ill-vision but one passionate about African unity and growth brimming with endearing visions. I equally see talented African minds leading the way in technology, communication, the body of knowledge, arts in the fear of the Lord and for the creation of a new Africa without war, poverty and preventable diseases; a new healthy and hygienic African with cutting-edge infrastructure and respect for the image of God in every man. A new continent with new people leading the world to find solutions.
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