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“Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant”- Poet Horace
Today we seek to draw intense developmental lessons from the fundamental law of osmosis and ‘turgor pressure’ in cells life. This law states that, (Kindly Save yourself the worry of technical words!) “Turgor Pressure or turgidity is the main pressure of the cell contents against the cell wall, determined by the water content of the vacuole, resulting from osmotic pressure, i.e. the hydrostatic pressure produced by a solution in a space divided by a semipermeable membrane due to a differential in the concentration of solute… In terms of plant water potential, turgor pressure is usually expressed as the pressure component (Ψp). This force gives the plant rigidity, and keeps it erect.”- Wikipedia
There are five key lessons to learn for a lifetime which are embedded in this phenomenon of Turgidity, They are:

1. Universalism of Pressure
2. The influence of External environment
3. The paradox of ‘Ironies as the theme of life’
4. Strength from Pressure
5. The Theories of Plasmolysis

These abiding nuggets of truth when gleamed changes perception and continually builds a leader on. We shall consider the first lesson in this blog and subsequent blogs will be dedicated to the rest of the lessons.
Every living thing is fundamentally made up of a cell, and thus what is true of a single cell to a large essence is true for a complex structure of cells, i.e.. the human being. As True as it may be, every single minute of human existence is pressure defined, from the pressure of a mother that pushes the baby forth, through the pressure of the baby adapting to its new life, to the pressure of being educated and then the pressure of matured living and even pressure at the point of death. Pressure is not a curse, it is the way of life! The earlier one adapts to this truth of life determines how well he/she benefits by strategic decisions that harnesses the strength of daily pressures.
In what part of your life are you struggling to accept that all things work together for your good? In what circumstances are you failing to recognize there are times of storms and fires? How much growth have you resisted in your life by finding a quick fix and escaping the pressure?
Think through such, until we share our next blog on ‘The influence of External environment’ and remember even babies with supposedly very little to manage encounter some level of pressure, if you doubt, check it out!

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